Tuesday, September 29, 2009

in need of attention.

I need to be updating this blog with some regularity, for my own sake. In the future I will be writing more, not only about sideshow but daily occurrences as well. I need to use this as an outlet.

So, I've moved to Los Angeles. I have been living here for close to seven months in a guest house and now I finally have an apartment in Venice Beach... a place to call my own.

The studio apartment is very modest and small, it is also expensive. I needed a place conveniently located since I do not drive, being close enough to the Freakshow to be able to bike there is definitely costly since I'm close to the ocean.

This apartment is my first. It seems to be a learning experience as well... I have never though this much about home decor before. Now I find myself looking at interesting rub-on transfers for my new dinette set, things like a 2-headed baby for my coffee mug and a victorian style eye to put on my dinner plate. Also, my dear friend DECOY is going to be creating some artwork for my new walls, now I need to learn how to wheat paste. One thing I'm thinking about is what color to paint my walls, it is becoming a problem since I can't make up my mind.

I'm off to buy a bike and a bed.

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